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Are you ready to take more pleasure in your life and relationships?
Stop settling for less than you want and deserve.

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I'm Lexi Sylver, accredited life and relationship coach, and your shameless guide to Exploring YOUR Lexuality.

I help unfulfilled people and couples — just like you — unfuck your relationships and explore your authentic needs and desires, so that you can experience more pleasure and thrive in all areas of your lives.

Join me for a transformative journey that will take you from feeling stuck to thriving in a life on your own terms. 


Do you feel stuck in your life and relationships? 

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything, but nothing’s changed, and you don't know how to get yourself unstuck?

Is there fire deep in your belly, an unfulfilled passion, a longing for something more... but there seem to be too many obstacles in the way?


In my signature group coaching program, you will reclaim your power and feel FREE to shamelessly be yourself, confidently create a life on your own terms, and savor the many pleasures of fulfilling relationships.


I'm not talking about some kind of temporary change, like making a New Year’s resolution.

This is the type of transformation that you can feel in your bones and in every fiber of your being... a hunger for life that makes you want to wake up early with excitement about what experiences you can enjoy each day.

You have the power to make that happen! That strength is already inside you, but it's blocked: your energy is tied up in insecurities, fears, and self-doubt. You're stuck in old patterns and ways of thinking that are no longer serving you. And all these barriers are limiting you and keeping you in a cage.

Well, my Lexplorers, you're about to discover the freedom and pleasures of all the new lands you'll conquer once you smash your way through those obstacles to unlock your full power.


We ALL deserve to experience love, connection, pleasure, and success!

What comes to mind when you ask yourself:

  • “What do I really desire in my life and relationships?”
  • “What’s really stopping me from living the life I really want?
  • “What can I do to get what I want and need?”

The power to make helpful choices that move you closer to your desired future is already within you – but it’s buried under the crushing weight of pressure, expectations, insecurities, fears, shame, and guilt.

I know because I used to feel stuck and helpless beneath that heavy load, too.

My Lexual Journey

I felt out of control in my own life, caught in a toxic cycle of my own creation. My mental and physical health suffered tremendously, including chronic pain and migraines, and burnout.

I was exhausted all the time, and felt powerless to find clarity or acknowledge my own fears and insecurities, let alone to do anything about them. I would stick to what I was comfortable with, taking few risks out of fear of judgment from others, failure, and even success. And in this cloudy and defeatist state of mind, I wasn’t able to take action or meaningfully evolve.

My relationships suffered. I wanted to see people, but my low energy and pain made it hard for me to go out and socialize and connect. I had to cancel plans that I'd been looking forward to, and felt like I was always disappointing everyone (myself included). My partner Johnny supported me as best he could, but there wasn't much that he (or anyone) could do to help me overcome all the barriers within me.

But I had a massive realization that changed everything for me.


If I had the power to get myself stuck, I had the power to FREE myself from this mess.


I let go of the pressure, impossible expectations, people-pleasing mentality, and harsh judgment that I put on myself. I let go of the idea of being perfect in favor of just being... and chose to surround myself with people who celebrated my authentic self.

I stopped settling for less than I wanted, needed, and deserved, and started putting myself first. I let go of critical thoughts and feelings that didn’t serve me, and started saying no to people, commitments, and jobs that didn’t reflect my goals and values. 

I smashed my way through and released myself from the box I’d confined myself in that was limiting my growth and stifling my exploration of the world that existed outside.

If I did it — and am still doing it every day — then so can you!

That's MY story, and I can't wait to hear yours and explore how you can take your life and relationships to new heights! 



Discover the exciting new heights that you can take your life and your relationships.

We Are ALL Lexplorers!

I’m here to help you get unblocked, unstuck, unfrozen, and help you reclaim your power so you can jump into action and watch your desired future, yourself, and your relationships come to life before your eyes.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Break your unique cycle of fear and inaction.
  • Silence your toxic self-talk (and partner talk).
  • Boost your confidence.
  • And shift perspective to find solutions that are right for you.

Now, and long after you’ve graduated from this program.

Reclaim Your Power

Take back the power you give to the fears that are holding you back, and harness that power for your own transformation.

Free Yourself 

Of barriers like shame, guilt, fear, limiting beliefs, situations, things and people that are no longer serving you / don’t match your values and goals and aren’t in line with your true self and what you truly want and deserve.

Connect Fully

With your authentic self, your partner(s), family, friends, colleagues, and community.

Take Action

To make a long-lasting impact in all areas of your life and all your relationships – starting with your relationship with yourself!

Feel Alive – and Thrive!

In life, love, sex, and business… in all areas of your life.


At the end of this course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Lexcellence to officialize your successful completion of the program!

We'll throw a virtual party in our Lexual community to celebrate with other graduates, program members, and myself. Plus, you’ll get access to new courses and resources to help you continue to flourish along your Lexual journey!


after you Explore Your Lexuality

Not only will you feel like you have the power to transform different areas of your life, you'll start TAKING ACTION to TRANSFORM your life in deep, LONG-LASTING ways… and thrive in the life YOU created for yourself.

We’re talking about the kind of transformation that you can feel in your bones and in every fiber of your being. The energy that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning with renewed purpose and a fresh zest for life.

Your friends, family, and colleagues will notice your new glow and confidence, hear how sure you are of yourself in your words, and witness your success through your actions as you pursue the fulfilling relationships and life that you want and DESERVE.


Unlock your true power and potential that’s being crushed under the heavy weight of pressures, expectations, insecurities, judgment, guilt, shame, regret, and your fears…

… and finally break free of the barriers and bullshit that are holding you back from being your awesome self and living your life the way you choose.

I’m living proof that it is possible to untangle yourself from that complex web of lies that other people, society, and the media have been telling you about what you “should” or “have to” do with your life — the same lies that you’ve been believing about yourself that are keeping you down and limiting your potential and fulfillment.

Because once you discover what’s really stopping you, you can smash those obstacles and discover the wealth of possibilities on the other side. 

If I can do it, you can, too!

You just need a little guidance and support from someone who’s been down that road before and who’s coached couples and individuals all over the world to achieve their own goals.


Explore Your Lexuality™: Info Sessions

Join me and more curious Lexplorers to hear about my journey and discover if my Explore Your Lexuality program is right for you.