Secrets of Sexy Body Language

Wednesday, April 24th @ 8 PM ET

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Did you know that most experts agree that at least 55% of our communication is nonverbal?!

Unlocking the secrets of body language is key to our everyday interactions, and is key in the dating world and in navigating the swinger lifestyle, where we spend a lot of time flirting with potential partners.

Whether you're aiming to enhance your dating or swinging game, exude confidence in the boardroom, or simply attract attention with your irresistible allure, this Swinging 101 course is your first step in understanding and mastering the art of sexy body language.

We'll explore:

💋 What body language is and why it’s so important 

💋 The links between body language, self-confidence, and mood

💋 Flirtatious and sexy body language tips to attract potential partners

💋 Why reading others’ nonverbal cues can help you detect potential red flags 

💋 How to leave a lasting first impression on others

You’ll learn how to become more magnetic when using sexy body language in your interactions, how to get cues on if someone is attracted to you, and transform the way you look at communication!

At the end of this webinar, we'll have a Q&A segment when you can ask me anything (or you can also submit your questions to me in advance if you prefer!).

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I will reserve time at the end of the webinar to answer your questions about open relationships and the open lifestyle.

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Secrets of Sexy Body Language

8 - 9 PM ET | Wed April 24th, 2024

Tickets: $25
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Lexi Sylver

Lexi Sylver is an internationally accredited life and relationship coach, public speaker, and the Media Director for SDC.com, the world’s largest adult sex education and open relationship dating platform. Specializing in open relationships and the swinging lifestyle, Lexi offers bespoke private 1:1 and 2:1 couples coaching programs and hosts the popular Swinging 101 webinar series, providing essential tips on ethical non-monogamy. Her signature Explore Your Lexuality series includes a virtual community, events, and more resources. As a recognized expert, she has been interviewed by Shape, The Sexual Health Alliance, and Naked News, and has been twice featured on the cover of ASN Lifestyle Magazine. Lexi is a passionate advocate for female empowerment, equality, sexual freedom, and ethical non-monogamy, sharing her expertise through various media outlets and speaking engagements, including events like The Taboo Sex Show. Committed to helping individuals and couples strip away shame and fears, Lexi's mission is to empower you to pursue the fulfilling lives and relationships you truly desire and deserve.

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